Inventory Financing Simplified.

We provide loans to Bangalore based retailers in 48 hrs.

Increase Sales & Profits

Avail our tailor made credit products to boost your sales

Easy Access to Funds

Apply today and get your loan in 48 working hours

Hassle Free Process

A smartphone & our mobile app is all you need to apply for loan

No Collateral

No need to pledge any personal or business asset to avail loan with us

Inventory Financing

We partner with distributors and B2B marketplaces, enabling retailers to avail inventory from distributors at credit.
If you are a distributor and looking to increase your sales, you are at the right place.

Credit Tenure - 15, 20 or 30 days

Our Partners -

  • NM Distributors
  • More....

Cash Credit Line

We provide cash directly to retailer's bank account in 24 Hours.
Apply now, and you will have cash in no time.

Credit Tenure - 15, 20 or 30 days

Our Customers -

  • Symphony Mobiles
  • Shobha Enterprises
  • Aryan Communications
  • More....

Working Capital Loan

Well we provide 3-9 months of working capital loans to retailers and help you grow your business.

Credit Tenure - 3, 6 or 9 months

Our Customers-

  • DN Telecom
  • Volatile
  • Amika
  • Janani Enterprises

How Does It Work?

Easy To Get Started. 4 Steps Process


Download LOANMEET App & apply


Upload Documents


Loan approval in 48 hours


Receive loan amount.

Download our mobile app.

An internal app which facilitates a pre-registered individual to lend money to small retail outlets based on quantitative risk associated in lending to small retail outlets based on business socio-economic details, nature of business, people sentiment(social media and review websites), company financials, online clout of the business, directors credit history.

True words from our customers.

Over 9000 Customers

Lisa Priyanka Rao


Ashim Ghosh


Mahalakshmi Kamakshi


Why Invest With Us?

Over 9000 Borrowers

Easy to Invest.

At LOANMEET, it takes only a few minutes to set up your investor account, transfer in funds and start lending on our platform.

Invest with Confidence

At LOANMEET, we verify each and every borrowers so that you invest in genuine people only.

Diversify your Investments

Ensuring a portfolio is diversified is key to spreading risk and LOANMEET offers another asset class for investors to invest in alternative areas.

Make better Investment Decisions

Using our machine learning credit algorithms, we help you make better investment choices.

Regular Income

You can start earning 15% per annum, or 1.25% per month, from the next month.


We provide complete transparency so that lender knows exactly what he is investing in.

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